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Welcome to Ontrack Machinery & Parts, Inc.

We are an authorized dealer for Interpart's genuine alternative parts for JCB equipment. Throughout the development of JCB, for over 30 years, Interpart has been the only genuine alternative JCB parts service.

We offer more than 4000 part numbers in the product range. We keep many of these items in stock in our Miami warehouse to provide our customers in the United States, Caribbean and South America with quick shipping and availability.

Our JCB replacement parts will meet your expectations in quality and surprise you with the low prices. We look forward to providing you with quick service and substantial savings to keep all your JCB equipment earning and working at their best.

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In addition to JCB parts, we also specialize in sourcing quality, valued-priced heavy equipment for our clients.  With clients in the United States, Jamaica, Bahamas, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia and having been meeting their needs during the past ten years, we can ensure you with quality equipment and service.  From thorough equipment inspections to efficient and cost effective transportation to the final destination, we can provide you with a worry and headache free equipment purchase.   We mostly purchase equipment based on our client’s requests; however, occasionally we may acquire a piece of heavy equipment for resale or to part out.

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Parts in stock in our Miami warehouse can ship out the same day of your order and with the shipping method of your choice.  If your order is for export, we will work closely with your current freight forwarder or assist you with international shipping if you do not have one.  If a part is not in stock here in Miami, we can usually have it within two business days or ordering.      

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